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Logistics & Transportation

ACP Capital Markets is active in financing and advising issuers and investors in the Logistics and Transportation sectors, globally. We are active in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) products, applications, and services; supporting infrastructure such as flight management and scheduling; anti-drone solutions for critical infrastructure and homeland security (ICCS); and data management and monetization.  


We advise businesses and other entities on transportation infrastructure including railroads; ports; domestic and international shipping; signaling equipment; and integrated communications and control systems. 

Drone Delivery

Our Advisors


Sagiv Shiv 

Quintus von Bonin

Case Study


Our team recently advised on a series of transactions for a leading provider of mission critical ICCS solutions as the company accelerates its growth through M&A. Our team advised on the client’s acquisition of a private UAV company in the US and on its acquisition of a public company in a foreign market. Our team initiated the transaction, introduced the parties, negotiated the terms, including structuring the consideration to insulate the client from interest and FOREX risk, and assisted in the execution and closing. 

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