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Capital Markets

ACP Capital Markets focuses on locating private capital for companies, developers and government projects in several targeted countries and regions.  We are constantly assessing demand for investments in our target regions to identify those countries that will exhibit the critical elements essential for a successful transaction.  When we determine a country shift is occurring we will work with private credit and private equity investors to begin reviewing opportunities in front of the curve.

The Firm works with a preferred distribution network of highly sophisticated institutional investors to bring best practices and lasting capital partnerships to the regions in which we focus.

Latin America

Firm leadership has spent over 20 years at major financial institutions covering Latin American markets.  ACP has deep relationships and expertise in all major countries and has made principal investments into strategic transactions in the region.


Firm members have acted on the buy-side as principal investors in several hundred million USD of investments and have represented some of the largest firms in the region on the sell side in banking and capital markets transactions.

We have spent significant time and resources building an affiliate network of offices and firms that enable us to enjoy physical presence and local distribution in the region.  We are able to connect our local relationships with industry leading companies and provide access to global capital markets.


ACP believes that the African Continent offers unparalleled opportunity for impactful investment and progress.  The Firm seeks to bridge the burgeoning corporate landscape with new representation and advisory services that will foster capital markets access on a global scale, as we strive to become a leading competitive investment bank on the Continent.


Abundant natural resources, trade and stabilizing growth is underpinned by democratic liberalization and an emergent decade of policy and governance reforms.  The African countries, from Nigeria to Zambia, are poised to take the next step towards robust economic and social advancement.

We are working to continually strengthen our ties to the region through Firm Principal Investment (“FPI”) as well as corporate development and welcome all opportunities to advance discussions across our business coverage segments in the region.

Middle East

ACP team members maintain strong relationships with leadership and several large corporate entities in Saudi Arabia and Oman.


Current liquidity issues due to oil pricing have created pockets of regulatory and liquidity arbitrage for credit investments.


Access to opportunity is limited for competitors and origination capacity is limited even for established regional funds. 


The team will continue to develop relationships and target financial, liquidity and regulatory arbitrage opportunities in the region.