The Healthcare industry is very complex, it is rapidly changing and heavily regulated. By leveraging our years of experience to recognize and respond to both expected and unexpected constraints of resources in finance and management, we propel our clients into industry-leading companies, while indirectly improving the access to, and the quality of, healthcare.


While we are razor focused on short-term and immediate transactions, we also take a longer-term view and “whole impact” approach into each client engagement. We do this through a detailed analysis of geo-political environments, bio-technological trends, innovations, and market dynamic drivers of familiar and emerging risks.


Our goal in every engagement is to exceed our clients’ expectations. We bring decades of M&A and capital markets experience, maintaining a considerable knowledge of the healthcare industry both from advisory and operating perspective, extensive industry relationships, proven track record in executing complex transactions, and a relentless effort in achieving positive results for our clients.

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Our Advisors


Jay Tchamanzar – Senior Advisor

Dr. Guillermo Barrera – Advisor