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Over the course of his career in communications and business, Peter Foyo has established himself as a leading strategy developer for major international corporations. He most recently worked as chief executive officer and chairman of Nextel de Mexico, one of the largest telecommunications providers in Mexico. In 15 years with Nextel, Peter achieved revenues in excess of $3 billion and grew the company’s subscriber base from 35,000 analog subscribers to 4 million premium digital subscribers. Peter also enabled Nextel de Mexico to become the primary driver of EPIT and EVA profits in the portfolio of NII Holdings LATAM, where he later served as executive vice president of business development.

Peter’s other achievements at Nextel de Mexico included a savings program that reduced expenditures by more than $200 million every year. In addition to creating strategic alliances with media carriers such as TV Azteca and Televisa, he cultivated relationships with senior government and business leaders from a variety of industries. In the philanthropic sector, he created the charitable organization Fundación Nextel, which supports a variety of projects in education, science, and technology in Mexico.

Today, Peter is the founder and chief executive officer of Principal Standard Group, where he oversees a broad range of international development projects. Notably, the company was responsible for financing the first solar facility in Mexico.

In 2020 he became a Member of Cerberus Telecom Acquisition Corp. Board. He works closely with several financial institutions partnering in the acquisition.

Peter also serves on the board of the Marquette Companies and Sirran Communications UK, and was named an honorary board member of World Fund and the National Institute of Immigration of Mexico. He has been involved in several international organizations, including the World Economic Forum and the G20 and B20 forums. He holds a BA in international business and economics from Benedictine University and completed Military Science Officer Education at Wheaton College.

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