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The San Francisco extension is Aldwych's newest advisory growth initiative.  Recognizing the requirements of rapidly advancing technological evolution we have committed to providing insight and capital markets experience to our clients.  We will grow the SFO under the leadership of the team's first SFO Member, Mr. Patrick Dittforth.

Mr. Dittforth is the SFO lead and Managing Director at ACP Capital Markets with 15 years of technology and automotive experience and an extensive professional network in Silicon Valley, he has established and heads our San Francisco office. 


Mr. Dittforth specializes in advisory services and is highly proficient in due diligence and turn-around management.  Prior to joining ACP, Mr. Dittforth worked at Tesla Motors, where he created and executed the company’s supply and development strategy and supported the development and launch of Model X in the areas of autonomous drive and intelligent chassis systems, and Amazon, where he was asked to join the company’s senior leadership team as head of supply chain analytics.  Mr. Dittforth also held an interest in a patent for an advanced wind power generation system, which he sold in 2010, and led due diligence and mergers and acquisition projects in the automotive, disaster-recovery and renewable energy industries.  He began his career with Daimler in Germany and the US. 


Mr. Dittforth holds two Master’s degrees, in Economics from the University of Regensburg with a concentration in Technology Management and Enterprise Reorganization, and Business Administration from Murray State University with a concentration in Accounting.  

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