Litigation Finance

At ACP Capital Markets, LLC we have a strong network of investors and can support companies and law firms by raising litigation financing, which can be raised directly for specific cases or indirectly in the form of overhead financing to support company operations.


Our investors can provide funding for any type of litigation, arbitration, legal claims relating to commercial claims, contract and investment disputes, intellectual property, trade secrets etc. and can come in the form of recourse or non-recourse financing.


We run a very competitive process, and will participate in each step of the fund raising process:

  • initial due diligence and preparation of marketing materials

  • analyzing the opportunity and strategically presenting it to a core group of litigation finance investors

  • obtain competing proposals from investors

  • negotiate better terms for th eproposals

  • provide a comparative analysis of the  indicative term sheets we will obtain

  • help select the investor to work with exclusively

  • review the deal documentation

  • Assist in closing of the transaction


Reviewing the Laws

Our Advisors


Dennis Holtzapffel – Managing Director

Mark Bishop – Partner


Case Study


We recently completed a litigation finance transaction for a Colorado based company, that owns a portfolio of patents related to camera technology in medical instruments and smart phones. We ran a competitive process and obtained 4 different proposals and assisted in negotiating better terms and selecting the best alternative. The company is now well positioned to financially support itself throughout the litigation.