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Andre Job is a consultant working with ACP.  He has extensive Executive Management experience with Fortune 500 companies including PepsiCo/Pizza Hut and Rent-A-Center/Thorn EMI; startup companies including Home Choice, Inc. and Global Biometric Solutions, LLC; and advertising agencies including Paragon Advertising (Pillsbury, Target Stores), and Robinson-Job Advertising, Partner/CEO (Einstein Bagels, Kansas City Star). 


Mr. Job was VP/General Manager of the TSC Group, LLC, and an integral member of the team that introduced the first pre-paid products into the US: TracFone Wireless, Green Dot and NetSpend (debit cards), Slingshot (Internet), AT&T and BellSouth (phone cards); and additional products including: Canon, First Alert, Thermos, Ray O Vac, and Coleman Company. Mr. Job was responsible for the development and implementation of brand, product and pricing strategies, go-to-market strategies, and for marketing and communications strategies to position the companies, products or services as leaders in their respective categories. 


In addition, Mr. Job owned and operated the Turneffe Island Resort, a world-class fishing resort in Belize, Central America, and was a Burger King franchisee. Mr. Job is also partner in Andre Job and Associates, LLC, a marketing/sales consulting company, and P&J Healthcare, LLC, a healthcare sales/marketing company. 


Mr. Job holds a BA from Drake University.

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